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Josef Brunner, CEO, RelayrJosef Brunner, CEO The idea of a factory has transcended beyond the antiquated dark Victorian mills or a production line from Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times, to a roboticized factory setting powered by a combination of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Internet of Systems. A consistent marker of progress, industrial manufacturing has been serving as the testimony to the perpetual development of advanced technologies over the years. Today, with digitization making its way into every aspect of the modern-age industries, the face of the fourth industrial revolution has fundamentally changed. However, as connected sensors and IoT devices operate in lockstep to make smart factories a reality, one cannot deny that their potential at all stages of an industrial operation is yet to be realized on a grander scale.

Committed to helping organizations reap the benefits of industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications and stay ahead of the digital transformation game, Relayr—the IIoT powerhouse—is delivering a complete solution for risk-free digital transformations. Starting out with developing in-house technology stack, Relayr realized over time that customers needed more than just a great technology stack—they also needed a partner as vested in their target outcomes as they were. Back in 2015, the company launched the Wunderbar—an IoT starter kit—to provide developers with an easy and simple way to build their own IIoT solutions and connect their devices to the cloud, eventually reorienting its focus on developing an agnostic and scalable middleware platform. Thereafter, Relayer acquired Proximetry for Edge Device Management and Neokami for Data Analytics and AI in late 2016. Fast forward to today, Relayr empowers clients with solutions that meet their customers’ challenges, risks and outcome needs.

Unleashing data insights from existing machines, equipment, and production lines to improve customers’ business outcomes, Relayr assists industrial companies to shift from CAPEX to OPEX-based offerings in their respective markets. Trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide, Relayr brings a unique combination of first-class IIoT technology and it’s delivery to the table along with powerful financial and insurance offerings— all from a single source. As such, the company strengthens the capabilities of operators, manufacturers, and service companies for industrial equipment to implement fully interoperable IIoT solutions guaranteed to achieve their target business outcomes. The CEO of Relayr, Josef Brunner, emphasizes, “On the one hand, we offer not only technology but also consulting, so you can sell an end-to-end package. Hence, the customer does not have the complex task of bringing together different partners. On the other hand, we have customers in a wide variety of industrial sectors, which has given us a lot of expertise over the years.”

Delivering Value the Relayr Way

More than just another IIoT company, Relayr’s unique value stack combines pioneering IIoT technologies with skilled delivery, exclusive financing and risk-free insurance models to equip customers with the necessary tools needed to achieve their goals.
As technologies unlock endless possibilities, Relayr’s intimate knowledge of tomorrow’s dynamic technological promise catapults all its partners to the cutting-edge.

Unleashing data insights from existing machines, equipment, and production lines to improve customers’ business outcomes, Relayr assists industrial companies to shift from CAPEX to OPEX-based offerings in their respective markets

The Edge is the coal face of Relayr’s digital transformation from equipment, production line, all the way to machine analysis solutions. Leveraging Relayr’s middleware processing systems, companies can use Edge technologies that are designed to connect industrial equipment to the internet. Relayr’s engineers, on the other hand, deploy the latest technologies tailored to the unique goals and requirements that each project demands. Besides, Relayr’s middleware platform is geared toward helping industrial companies glean data insights from their existing machinery and production lines by linking internet-connected sensors and edge devices to platform controls.

The linchpin for all digital transformation journeys, Relayr’s unique data processing Engine has been developed with its team’s years of multi-disciplinary experience. Relayr’s platform is device-agnostic, interoperable, and manages multi-tenant environment particularly created for industrial IoT. In simple terms, the intuitive Engine gathers data from any IIoT device, amasses and bundles it, and then presents it in the form of useful business relevant aggregations. More importantly, the solution leverages the power of leading cloud computing providers, allowing customers to select their preferred environment like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, as well as on-premise and hybrid installations.

"The high-performing Relayr team adopts a collaborative partner approach to help clients navigate through the challenges of their IIoT journey"

Driving down engineering and specialist costs, Relayr’s AI systems can ‘learn’ any production line or device to create fine-grained per-device or aggregate per-line results. To transform masses of data into goal or service-related knowledge blocks through easy-to-manage dashboards, Relayr’s visualization follows the iceberg design model to relay crucial information to the right people in the expected and desired forms.

In terms of solution delivery orchestration, Relayr’s expert solution architects bring in years of meticulous end-to-end planning experience across a wide range of industries to each Relayr venture. With its uniquely holistic implementation strategies and knowledge, the Relayr team can seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies into almost any legacy operational system or equipment. As migration from CAPEX to OPEX operating models requires sustainable financing, Relayr assists clients in identifying and providing the right financing packages to suit each IIoT solution. In addition, bringing in end-to-end insurance packages, Relayr offers unique completion, retrofit and even business outcomes warranties.

Delivering Equipment-as-a-Service efficiently is a challenge not just for the technology or product but also other entities that are involved in resolving logistic or financial issues.
Relayr’s in-depth IIoT expertise, an array of insurance and financing options to minimize financial risk, and end-to-end tech stack, ensures that clients have more than just a partner; they have a game changer.

Given that digital twin technologies, the fastest growing IIoT application for industrial manufacturers, create and visualize perfectly synchronized doppelgangers for machines or processes, identifying faulty parts or sending alerts to signal a current or coming malfunction has become a breeze. Relayr’s AI-backed middleware platform sorts the data sent to the cloud and creates alerts or visualizes patterns on multiple devices used by the relative monitoring or maintenance crews. In an instance, Relayr assisted a leading German elevator provider to improve their servicing efficiency and reduce costs. As the company has elevators at around 100,000 locations across Germany, Relayr retrofitted sensors in selected elevators during scheduled maintenance. The sensors ensured that all the data is sent to Relayr’s platform, which in turn helped in visualizing digital twin models of the elevator fleet along with real-time monitoring on individual and aggregate levels. The digital twin technologies allowed the client to save up to $ 500 annually per elevator since maintenance and service teams now have real-time information on when and where to go.

The Relayr Promise

Relayr’s team is a unique mix of diverse team members hailing from over 20 nationalities, of all ages and backgrounds. Relayr stands on the belief that success only comes from the success of one’s customers. To that end, the high-performing Relayr team adopts a collaborative partnership approach to help clients navigate through the challenges of their IIoT journey. Implementing this novel approach, the Relayr team begins a client engagement with a simple question: “What is the business problem we’re trying to solve?”, and the answer to this question, in turn, guides the entire digital transformation journey for the customer.

Relayr understands that as business needs and industrial environments vary from customer to customer, so do the IIoT solutions designed for them. To gain a complete understanding of a client’s existing industrial environment and their pain points, Relayr works closely with their internal stakeholders. Upon agreeing on an appropriate IIoT solution, Relayr’s professional services team coordinates with clients’ internal stakeholders along with its technology experts and partners for the efficient delivery of the solution—from ideation to successful outcomes.

What’s more, Relayr’s robust and expanding partner ecosystem provides clients with the opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of technological, financial, and insurance industry expertise. Powering energy with synergy, Relayr joined hands with industrial reinsurance provider Munich RE/ Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB), as well as other industry-leading technology and solution providers and industrial finance companies to deliver the right solutions for a seamless IIoT digital transformation. IIoT specialist, Relayr also secured funding of over $330 million last year from the Munich reinsurer, Munich Re who has been involved with Relayr since 2016 through its subsidiary HSB. Brunner concludes, “As we remain independent, we will hopefully continue to have a strong growth phase ahead of us. In this respect, all cards are still on the table. With such an attitude you make positive events bad.”
- Kenneth Thomas
    July 01, 2019