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15 Most Promising Industry 4.0 Startups - 2019

Reinventing oneself is the key to survival in an ever-competitive market. Industry 4.0 is named so as it is touted to be the fourth iteration of the Industrial Revolution, capable of overturning the way we perceive production, management, and sales. A combination of multiple novel concepts like robotics, cloud, AI, IoT, 3D printing, Enterprise Architecture, etc., Industry 4.0 is seeping into every sector and has already turned a considerable number of heads to its promises. It is the gateway to identify opportunities in the market by finding requirements in areas sparsely catered.

Having access to humongous amounts of data pooled in from resources like Big Data, IoT, and cloud storage, Industry 4.0 essentially brings the concepts of Smart Factory and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) among others, closer to realization. Driven by a thirst for faster, streamlined and efficient production, a dire need for industrial automation, smart management of all operations, and a constant strive for customer satisfaction, Industry 4.0 proposes proper application in pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, Aerospace, Chemical Manufacturing, and automotive sectors. Though the German and the Japanese are forerunners, the pace has witnessed APAC region joining the foray at an incredible rate. China and North America stand the chance of benefiting the largest from Internet 4.0.

Trends indicate that digital transformation will merge with Industry 4.0, as it promises to be the future, with Start-ups postured to be the immediate highest benefiter from Industry 4.0. Robotics might finally touch mainstream, as an increase in the requirement for Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) is projected for substantial growth. The one challenge faced in the field is a lack of powerful tools, a major obstacle for exploiting the full potential of Industry 4.0, though statistics indicate major strides in the area from the side of start-ups.

While Internet 4.0 ensures an exponential growth for companies, it is an arduous task of fishing out exciting start-ups in the field, which promise an excellent potential. To make this task easier, we have assessed the top startups that implement Industry 4.0 with innovative ideas alongside the current technological trends in the sector. A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts and the editorial board of StartupCity has selected a list of cognitive startups.

We present to you StartupCity’s “15 Most Promising Industry 4.0 Startups - 2019”.

    Most Promising Industry 4.0 Startups

  • The company provides some of the world’s most cutting-edge rapid manufacturing technologies, on demand. 3Diligent leads the pack when it comes to solutions for 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Casting, and Injection Molding

  • Drone Hopper is a drone manufacturer delivering an efficient technology that adapts to the conditions and needs required in the control of forest fires and the fumigation of crop fields. Leveraging Industry 4.0, the company design, manufacture, and operate heavy-duty, multi-rotor unmanned drones to empower and protect communities while filling the substantial gap in the mid-scale drone market. Backed by a highly experienced team in multidisciplinary profiles, including an accumulated 80 years of experience in aeronautical engineering, the company reduces operating costs and offers higher precision in spraying liquids from the air for fighting wildfires, urban fires, and agricultural operations

  • Glartek is a technology-enabled services company focused in providing a host of IIoT and Augmented reality (AR) solutions to its clients. Bolstered by rich experience in field management, the company is able to provide the best expertise in cloud analytics and augmented reality tools for the industry. The platform allows Glarket’s users to visualize and interact with gathered data. Through a real-time Industrial IOT solution that uses augmented reality in the field, Glartek enables its users to utilize features such as Field Operation, Monitoring and Control, Communication, Gamification, Optimization, and Management

  • Process Intel is a global provider of mobile quality verification solutions, inspection software and mobile process auditing solutions. The company’s solutions are developed for organizations focused on achieving zero defects while eliminating customer complaints and increasing profit. Process Intel is in business because we believe all manufacturers should have easy access to quality and compliance solutions. This is what drives us to create innovative and effective solutions that are flexible, affordable and most importantly meet the unique needs of our clients. Eliminating some of the core complications in manufacturing environments, Process Intel helps organizations achieve a strong and resilient quality management strategy and lets you produce the high-quality products customers have come to expect

  • Relayr is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) powerhouse delivering the most complete solution for risk-free digital transformations. As a top Industry 4.0 solution provider, Relayr unleash data insights from existing equipment, machines and production lines to improve its customers’ business outcomes. Relayr enable industrial companies to shift from CAPEX to OPEX-based offerings to their respective markets, providing a unique combination of first class IIoT technology and it’s delivery with powerful financial and insurance offerings. Being a top industry 4.0 solution provider, Relayr empowers manufacturers, operators, and service companies to implement fully interoperable IIoT solutions

  • Senseye is a top industry 4.0 solution provider offering a predictive maintenance 4.0 platform, trusted by Fortune 500 companies to reduce unplanned downtime and double the productivity. Its proprietary machine-learning algorithms automatically forecast machine failure and remaining useful life, achieving a typical ROI of less than 3 months. As a top industry 4.0 solution provider, works based on its vision of shaping the future of computing. To ensure that customers can choose the correct solutions, Senseye works openly with leading providers of industrial solutions, including SIEMENS, SKF, GE, Schneider Electric and PTC ThingWorx

  • CargoBeacon


    CargoBeacon is designed for the cargo transportation industry to support log temperature, relative humidity, and acceleration shock events. The data is stored with timestamps in order to analyze nonconforming developments. It’s designed with low weight to easily embed on any product by screwing, lashing, or gluing. With the CargoBeacon App and Portal service, users can globally access data from the device and understand the goods expected condition without having to open the packaging. Near real-time information, including coordinates for goods whereabouts can be provided when using the app along the goods freight way

  • ENIT Systems

    ENIT Systems

    ENIT Systems offers customized energy management systems for small to medium-sized industries. Through a wide range of solutions, ENIT Systems enables companies to monitor and control energy besides enjoying significant cost savings. Through Enit Agent—a monitoring and control system that provides transparency and intelligent control of the electricity consumption—ENIT Systems allows its clients optimize operating conditions and reduce risks, which leads to fewer downtimes. The Enit Agent is particularly useful for industries with high energy consumption, such as plastic manufacturing or metal processing

  • Factobotics


    Factobotics specializes in developing cutting-edge industrial robotic solutions, turning them into standard products and commercializing worldwide. The company matches client needs with proven, cutting-edge robotic solutions, or develops them in partnership with the customer, as needed. The company uses Robobuild, a developement process from initial concept of the data robot to a fully working solution, to aid its clients in automating their processes. The client involved in the development of the new solution becomes a co-owner. Factobotics leverages Horizon 4 to evaluate automation opportunities and make data-based investment decisions. The company focuses ion machine-tending robots, handling and quality control at the conveyor lines, and intralogistic robotics

  • Heptasense


    Heptasense offers a SaaS platform for surveillance cameras to carry out people and object behavior analysis, for security, operations and business intelligence. Heptasense AI real-time threat detection aids in the improvement of security efficiency by integrating with the existing security infrastructure. The product aids markerting teams by creating better customer profiles to increase sales by enabling security cameras to find customer behavior patterns. A throughput increase is observed in manual processes of companies due to intelligent monitorization implementation in quality control and other lean practices. The product also simplifies HR management with advanced demand profilling that allows organizations to align human resources with the demand, during the day

  • Ingrid Cloud

    Ingrid Cloud

    Ingrid Cloud offers easy-to-use and accurate wind simulations solutions that are delivered within hours. The top-notch software and services from the company can analyze the effects of wind around customers' design and provide accurate results, even for users with no knowledge of fluid dynamics. Ingrid Cloud's online applications such as Wind Comfort, Wind Load, and Wind Tunnel combine intelligent algorithms with an automated workflow, thereby bolstering the adoption of Industry 4.0 in the market. The brilliant team of researchers in computational fluid mechanics, numerical analysis, and high-performance computing, backed by experienced developers and marketers enable the company to make the complex process of wind simulations easy

  • SAT4M2M


    SAT4M2M enables this global data communications by design, development, and operation of the next generation through its dedicated solutions, TELDASAT for M2M low-power wide-area (LPWA) communication needs. It helps in connecting existing terrestrial infrastructure, which suffers from the absence of coverage or high CAPEX. The firm unleashes the power of IoT based predictive maintenance; optimize intermodal logistics operations in a secured way. It enhances the process by monitoring, tracking, and tracing objects and assets. SAT4M2M connects IT/OT systems with any IoT platforms, thereby, saving operational costs sustainably with green efficiency and impacting organizations on a global scale including back and front offices

  • securenok


    Monitors Windows and Linux endpoints such as HMIs, SCADA, Servers, Historians, Engineering stations, including unsupported legacy versions

  • Sight Machine

    Sight Machine

    Helps in building a unified data platform is where the digital journey begins

  • Xage


    Xage RBAC enables managed identities and policy-based access control for industrial devices that have device-specific passwords and which allow secure protocol access