Glartek: Industry 4.0 Getting Smarter with IoT

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Luís Murcho, Founder & CEO, GlartekLuís Murcho, Founder & CEO
Imagine a manufacturing facility where everything goes as planned. Machines are always operating within controlled limits, there is no unplanned downtime, no raw material is ever wasted, yields are exactly how they should be, and energy costs are continually optimized. With the dawn of Industry 4.0, this is no longer a far-fetched vision. Enabled by the development of disruptive technologies, Industry 4.0—representing the fourth industrial revolution—brings together a combination of cyber-physical systems, automation, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), which amalgamate to create today’s smart factories. However, manufacturing facilities cannot install pieces of modern hardware— IoT sensors—and software and call themselves upgraded. The magic happens when the sensor data is brought together and turned into informed business decisions that improve performance, quality, and efficiency of manufacturing facilities. “At Glartek, we are committed to creating this magic every day,” says the company’s Founder and CEO Luis Murcho.

Specializing in the IoT sensor and augmented reality (AR) powered solutions for the manufacturing industries; Glartek is a promising Industry 4.0 solution provider. Since the inception of the company in 2016, it has quickly jumped up the ladder because of its simplified IoT solutions, which are used for monitoring and controlling the factory machinery, and channelizing effective communication among the workers.

Specializing in the IoT sensor and augmented reality (AR) powered solutions for the manufacturing industries; Glartek is a promising Industry 4.0 solution provider

The software solutions by Glartek are segregated based on three broadly-divided modules. The Glarvision, a real-time IoT solution that uses AR to show all real-time inputs related to the manufacturing equipment; Glarconnect, a gateway which connects all the platforms; and Glarboard, a cloud storage platform.

The usage of AR in Glartek’s solutions helps cut down the paperwork and offers real-time information to its users. Alongside, the IoT sensors attached to almost every smart device in the factory help in unifying multiple dashboards from each department. This makes the management of the infrastructure, and the workflow organized, accurate, and timely.

Discussing further, Murcho adds, “These devices, coupled with our cloud-based solutions, do an excellent job at the optimizing workflow and documenting the significant information. To top it off, the AR-powered solutions help in recording and storing the data by overlapping the physical machinery with the virtual text, thereby displaying the details of a device when a phone camera is pointed at it.” This, in turn, makes the task of product tracing and maintenance much easier for floor managers. They have all the information they want, and that speeds up their machine buying/servicing decisions.

Since its inception, Glartek’s goal is to make solutions which can make the hectic task of tracking and recording equipment-related data simpler. and now the company plans to stretch its horizon and step into more varied possibilities of innovation. Glartek is presently focusing on accelerating the communications aspects of their solution with the principal focus of creating an interface that helps convey the vendor’s message and changes better. Glartek understands that for technology to seep in more in-depth into the manufacturing industry, making solutions which are simple and yet comprehensive has become imperative for most solution providers. With this idea in mind, Glartek is in the constant effort of bringing better technologies to the market.