3Diligent: One-StopShop for Digital Manufacturing Services

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Cullen Hilkene, CEO, 3DiligentCullen Hilkene, CEO
"We believe that supply chains as we know them are basically being blown up. Additive and digital manufacturing will fundamentally change the manufacturers deliver their products to the market by empowering greater agility and responsiveness to customer needs. 3Diligent has built the platform to enable this transition for companies today,” begins Cullen Hilkene, CEO of 3Diligent. Hilkene started the company to offer customers greater access to the digital manufacturing services market by providing a range of bespoke, on-demand rapid manufacturing technologies, including 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Casting, and InjectionMolding.

Achieving success in the Industry 4.0 era requires companies to embrace an unprecedented rate or change. New machines and materials are announced with breathtaking frequency. Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies are perhaps the poster child of this next Industrial Revolution. It plays a central role in the promise of Industry 4.0 through its ability to produce extraordinarily complex products with effectively zero tooling costs. This means next generation products can be developed for enhanced performance and mass customized in a quick, economical manner.

With all of these shifting dynamics, the high rates of obsolescence tied to these emerging technologies, and the opportunity to create true competitive advantage by navigating this path successfully, the stakes are high when it comes to digital manufacturing decisions. Naturally, the path isn’t without its fair share of dead ends and wrong turns. Buying machines can be a costly path fraught with obsolescence risk. Sourcing externally doesn’t provide an easy solution either, as even the biggest job shops are limited in the number of machines and materials they can bring to bear.

Aiming to mitigate these complex industry challenges, 3Diligent offers a different approach to deliver a one-stop shop to its customers. Like Amazon or AirBNB, it has networked qualified manufacturers around the world with the complete range of machines and materials manufacturers seek.
For customers with custom parts they seek to have quoted, they need only submit a simple request for quotation(RFQ)on its secure portal at www.3diligent.com. 3Diligent takes care of the rest by leveraging its proprietary software to assess, price, and fulfill orders.

“We are the only US-based distributed digital manufacturing services provider that has manufacturing operations on every continent,” states Hilkene.

Additionally, with expanding demand for Industry 4.0 consulting services, the company has launched a new consulting subsidiary that makes it the ideal partner for success in this rapidly evolving market. The consulting branch utilizes the combined power and knowledge of 3Diligent’s manufacturing network and its technologies to offer unmatched resources for building digital manufacturing strategies and refining designs to take advantage of 3D Printing — ultimately helping companies take their success with these technologies to the next level. 3Diligent Consulting offers two main advisory services to help companies make optimal use of digital manufacturing technologies across their organization.

• Strategic Advisory Services for Industry 4.0: Designed to help customers build their Industry 4.0 strategy.

• Design Advisory Services: Provides support to clients in developing tangible part and assembly designs that are optimally suited for digital manufacturing.

These two practice areas lend the insight and technical knowledge to help manufacturing businesses develop strategies and designs that can provide a competitive advantage for Industry 4.0.

3Diligent boasts a number of success stories that its one-stop-shop model works in delivering value from prototype through production. One such example is that of construction cladding specialist, Walters and Wolf. Walters and Wolf’s Jon Ishee approached the firm with a need to build curtain wall nodes for the façade of Rainer Square Tower, a skyscraper in Seattle. 3Diligent was able to present a range of manufacturing processes for the company to evaluate. The client eventually chose aluminum 3D printing to achieve its goals.

Ishee said: “One company said it could complete the task, but when it got down to it, the company determined it could not. Ultimately 3Diligent was the only company that was able to deliver what they said they could with the quality that Walters & Wolf prides itself on delivering to its customers.”

3Diligent has expanded significantly over the last few years, and today its network of 250 contract manufacturing partners is spread over more than a dozen countries and 1,200 machines. This milestone enables them to offer faster and more cost-effective support to customers seeking a single partner for their global custom part manufacturing needs.